Valentine’s Day is expected to open the presale, ford collar rui how much money to sell?

For JIANGling Ford, it has already found a plan to achieve brand sales revitalization through cost-effective family SUV. The Link Core has been in the store since the year ago. According to the official announcement, the Link Core will be open for pre-sale on February 14, that is valentine’s Day.There has been a lot of discussion about the final price of this car. How much is the right price for 1.5T power combined with family design?At present, the generally accepted news is about 150,000 yuan, after all, considering that this car is directly connected with the eldest brother Lingyu price area, but at present, the starting price of domestic SUV of the same size is generally around 120,000 yuan, considering the brand premium ability of JLFORD is not high, some consumers think that the maximum price is about 130,000 yuan.In our opinion, Lingrui has no big shortcomings in product level, especially in space and interior decoration. 1.5T+7 speed dual clutch is enough to ensure daily use. If the final pre-sale price can be controlled within 140,000, it should win a wave of attention.From the perspective of market segments, the media currently think of Volkswagen Tanue, Buick Envision 1.5T, etc., but from the perspective of brand value, Lengrui is not strong enough to compete with the former two. According to rational analysis, Lengrui’s competitors should be Kia Smartwatch, Hyundai Ix35 and even its own brand 2.0T medium-sized SUV.The target group is mainly entry-level car users, who pursue space, cost performance and joint venture brand identity. Can Lingrun compete with Korean or independent brands at the same price?We need the final selling price to give us an answer.

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